Bull Moose

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Bull Moose

A member or supporter of the US Progressive Party founded to support the presidential candidacy of Theodore Roosevelt in 1912.

[From the party's emblem.]

Bull′ Moose′

a member of the Progressive Party under the leadership of Theodore Roosevelt. Also called Bull′ Moos′er (ˈmu sər)
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The view from here was spectacular, as we watched a giant bull moose work his way across an opening in the timber below us.
On a little bench near the top we found the skeleton of a mature bull moose, antlers still attached to the skull.
Last year, after urging from McCaskill on behalf of Bull Moose Tube Company and EXLTUBE, the International Trade Commission voted 4-2 to level the playing field for Missouri and U.
M2 EQUITYBITES-July 15, 2016-North American Manufacturer Bull Moose Tube Acquires Sprinkler Pipe Assets
I don't know whether you fully understand that I have just been shot--but it takes more than that to kill a bull moose.
ECOs Tim Worden and Greg Maneeley handled a case involving an individual who had turned himself in for illegally taking a bull moose.
Big-Game Permits Hunt 2014 Permits 2015 Permits General buck deer 84,800 86,550 Premium limited-entry deer 183 184 Management buck deer 49 46 Limited-entry deer 811 1,058 Doe deer 410 625 General any bull elk 14,300 14,300 Youth any bull elk 300 500 Late season youth any bull elk 20 15 General spike bull elk 15,000 15,000 Limited-entry bull elk 2,842 2,938 Cow elk 16,775 15,360 Buck pronghorn 781 804 Doe pronghorn 669 844 Bull moose 67 65 Cow moose 0 0 Bison 91 80 Desert bighorn sheep 40 41 Rock Mountain bighorn sheep 38 37 Mountain goat 108 107 Source: Utah Division of Wildlife Resources
TYPICAL CHEST DEPTHS OF MATURE BIG GAME ANIMALS ANIMAL SIZE (INCHES) Pronghorn, buck or doe 15 Whitetail buck (southern) 16 Whitetail doe (southern) 14 Mule deer or northern whitetail buck 18 Mule deer or northern whitetail doe 15 Bull caribou 28-24 Bull elk 28-30 Cow elk 22-24 Shiras or Canadian bull moose 30-32 Alaska-Yukon bull moose 36-40
Once I spied two mammoth bull moose bedded down in a Wyoming pasture.
ON A FINE September morning, a mighty bull moose is surveying his realm from a small rise in a swampy meadow.
ABSTRACT: Age, field-dressed body weight, and antler spread data collected from 11,566 harvested moose (Alces alces) were analyzed to assess whether temporal change has occurred in the physical characteristics of bull moose from 1980-2009 in Maine.