Bull Moose

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Bull Moose

A member or supporter of the US Progressive Party founded to support the presidential candidacy of Theodore Roosevelt in 1912.

[From the party's emblem.]
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Bull′ Moose′

a member of the Progressive Party under the leadership of Theodore Roosevelt. Also called Bull′ Moos′er (ˈmu sər)
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Then I turn around and here's a bull moose like 30 feet behind me giving me dirty looks.
On the seventh day, we walked into a marshy pond that had quite a bit of sign and heard the faint "glunking" of a bull moose. We quickly got set up, and by the time I was settled in, my guide was calling and thrashing trees behind me.
Imagine stalking through Africa for Cape buffalo or facing a rutting bull moose in Alaska.
A video in the PowerPoint presentation showed one bull moose latching on to a shoulder-high black birch branch near the small trunk, and easily stripping the entire branch of tender leaves.
Captured moose appeared healthy and were without external parasites, although the carotid worm (Elaeophora schneideri) was identified in a bull moose that died accidentally in 2010.
I dared not turn on my headlamp to cache the canoe--my bull moose sounded close!
While driving through Scotia on November 10, I was fortunate to see this bull moose. Many onlookers were treated to the rare sight of a healthy, but obviously lost, animal.
Two children trick-or-treating with their father in Anchorage, Alaska, were run over by a charging bull moose Halloween night.
The bull moose was helpless in the face of this aural onslaught, his brain awash in testosterone.
Petersen's HUNTING Associate Editor David Faubion killed a Newfoundland bull moose with the bullet pictured here.
HARDWICK - A young bull moose has been thrilling residents in the Gilbertville section of town, where it was videotaped walking along Spring Street yesterday morning, then paying a visit to the town moderator as dusk fell.