bull pen

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bull′ pen`

or bull′pen`,

a. a place where relief pitchers warm up during a baseball game.
b. the relief pitchers on a team.
2. Informal.
a. a large cell for the temporary detention of prisoners.
b. any temporary or crowded quarters, as sleeping quarters in a lumber camp.
3. a pen for bulls.
[1920–25, Amer. (definition 1)]
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He quickly made himself at home in the bull pen but couldn't fit his head though the wooden feeder to get his hay and turnips.
Teenagers and parents may prove harder to wrangle in the absence of sophisticated humour and hearttugging emotion to elevate the film into the bull pen of modern classics.
Right behind the big, red "sale" barn is an actual bull pen housing about 50 bulls.
The information can be transmitted, for example, via television screen to workers in a meeting room, engineers in the bull pen, or executives in the boardroom, all in real time, Novak said.
Have your vendors lined up in a deep bull pen, ready to respond at a moment's notice.
5km running track, numerous large scale pens, a maternity section for mothers and babies, a bull pen, a veterinary station, the list really goes on.
We were talking about this the other day at the staff meeting, about how we used to have a dart board in the bull pen and we would have dart games at the end of the day on Fridays, and the Jameson [whiskey] would come out.
Stay nearby at The Bull Pen (sleeps six), set on a family-run working farm.
My dad, now in his 90s, waved his hands around, telling stories that made everyone laugh--as he had once made me laugh with the tale of freezing his lips to the iron bars of the bull pen when he was a boy.
I'm very sorry for what's happened," Roger Dale Chapman, a mechanic from Bonifay, testified, after detailing how a detective removed him from the bull pen cell of the Brevard County Jail and told him, "Dale, I hold your freedom in my hand," and then coached him to testify that Dillon had confessed, even though he had maintained his innocence.
Johnson Memorial Foundation and Bobby's Bull Pen - UMass Memorial Foundation.
14, they also have the best Bull Pen (relief pitching staff) in the American league, so any lead the Sox manage to take into the final third of the game should be ably protected.