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A public spectacle, performed especially in Spain, Portugal, and parts of Latin America, in which a fighting bull is engaged in a series of traditional maneuvers culminating usually with the ceremonial execution of the bull by sword. In Portugal the bull is often fought from horseback and is not killed.

bull′fight′er n.
bull′fight′ing n.


(Bullfighting) a traditional Spanish, Portuguese, and Latin American spectacle in which a matador, assisted by banderilleros and mounted picadors, baits and usually kills a bull in an arena
ˈbullˌfighter n
ˈbullˌfighting n



a traditional Spanish, Portuguese, or Latin American spectacle in which a bull is fought in a prescribed way by a matador, assisted by banderilleros and picadors, and is usu. killed with a sword.
bull′fight`er, n.
bull′fight`ing, n.
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Noun1.bullfight - a Spanish or Portuguese or Latin American spectaclebullfight - a Spanish or Portuguese or Latin American spectacle; a matador baits and (usually) kills a bull in an arena before many spectators
novillada - a bullfight in which the bulls are less than four years old
spectacle - an elaborate and remarkable display on a lavish scale
مُصارَعَةُ ثيران
býčí zápas
býčí zápas
boğa güreşi


[ˈbʊlfaɪt] Ncorrida f (de toros)


[ˈbʊlfaɪt] ncorrida f, course f de taureaux


[ˈbʊlˌfaɪt] ncorrida


(bul) noun
1. the male of the ox family and of the whale, walrus, elephant etc.
2. a bull's-eye.
ˈbullock (-lək) noun
1. a young bull.
2. a castrated bull, an ox, often used to pull bullock carts.
ˈbullfight noun
in Spain etc a fight between a bull and men on horseback and on foot.
ˈbullfighter noun
ˈbullring noun
the enclosed area where a bullfight takes place.
ˈbull's-eye noun
the centre of a target, especially in archery, darts etc.
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BULLFIGHTS in Spain's Balearic Islands will be shorter, bloodless and only for adults under new regulations that also ban alcoholic beverages in the bullring.
I was shocked and disappointed to read that 67% of people who voted in your Big Question on whether bullfights should be banned said no.
Contract award notice: purchase of advertising space in spirit media magazine lr performance, land of wines, the official program of bullfights and time around nmes to the county council gard.
In Paris before traveling to Spain, Jake Barnes already intermingles war and the bullfights After looking at his injury in the mirror, Jake gets into bed with a French bullfighting newspaper, but instead of being sped to sleep, Jake for the first time thinks about the war and his injury and gives the news of it to us (25-26).
The majority of the citizens of Coahuila reject bullfights," Moreira said in a press conference shortly after the legislation was approved.
This celebration was originally held on October 10 but in 1591 people from Pamplona changed the date to July to enjoy better weather and when the livestock market took place, although bullfights were first documented in the 14th century.
While these elements are unproblematic in relation to the Catholic Mass, Query rightly acknowledges the difficulties involved with the role of anything like belief when discussing verse dramas and bullfights: "The modern bullfight is most certainly not the cult of Mirthras, and Murder in the Cathedral is not a sacrificial rite.
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