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n.1.(Zool.) Same as Bolty.
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Eva Leidman, MSPH [1]; Erin Tromble, MD [1,2]; Adamu Yermina, DVM [3]; Robert Johnston, MPH, MSc [3]; Chris Isokpunwu, MBBS [4]; Adeyemi Adeniran [5]; Assaye Bulti, MSC [3]
Bulti Burman, member of the self help group, Titalee, has a loan of Rs 15,000 from Bandhan, which she is using to buy and sell wooden planks for home construction.
A total of 696 were Kashmiris out of which 540 (77.5%) were GHQ positive, 1329 were Punjabis out of which 978 (73.5%) were GHQ positive, 339 were Pakhtoons out of which 258(76.1%) were GHQ positive, 129 were Bulti out of which 102(79%) were GHQ positive and 18 were from other ethnicities out of which 9(50%) were GHQ positive.
He heads to the market in the early hours to pick the best fish, handles all the messy work and makes sure it's ready in time for lunch.Local chefs are also on standby to cook the selected fish in traditional Bahraini style seafood dishes before being delivered.The wide selection of fish includes local favourites such as hammour (grouper), chanaad (kingfish) and safi (rabbit fish) as well as faskar, rabeeb, janam, sea bream, tilapia (bulti), Atlantic salmon, mackerel, milk fish, soloos, shrimps, lobsters and crabs, among others.Although Mr Mohammed's family are in the farming industry, he decided to swap the land for the water.He said: "In the old days, farming and fishing went hand in hand as they would trade goods in areas that it didn't exist.
The most commonly cultured fish, however, is tilapia (bulti), cultured in simple yet extensive systems thanks to their high tolerance to stress and the ease with which they can be bred.
572,400 to 600,400 Total 4,491,100 4,124,400 to 4,646,700 Scope of Work Subtotal Add left turn lane 7,484,800 to 7,978,200 Alternative traffic signal 1,088,700 to 1,116,700 Total 8,573,500 to 9,095,800 Acknowledgements: Samson Bulti, Zelalem Dawit, Leander Johnson, Nathan Kebede, and Cindy Sayre APPENDIX E
Zaman said PAL had recently launched a unique publishing project to present selected literary works from all the languages of Pakistan including Urdu, Punjabi, Sariaki, Sindhi, Pashto, Hindko, Balochi, Barahwi, Gujrati, Bulti, Shina, Khawar and Broshiski.
She's a bulti millionaire - well on her way from millionaire to billionaire.