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Noun1.Desmanthus - genus of American herbs or shrubs with sensitive pinnate leaves and small whitish flowers
rosid dicot genus - a genus of dicotyledonous plants
Papilionoideae, subfamily Papilionoideae - alternative name used in some classification systems for the family Papilionaceae
Desmanthus ilinoensis, prairie mimosa, prickle-weed - perennial herb of North American prairies having dense heads of small white flowers
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Pale comandra pallida Convolvulus arvensis Field bindweed Conyza canadensis Horseweed Croton monanthogynus Oneseed croton Dalea candida White prairieclover y Dalea purpurea Purple prairieclover y Desmanthus illinoensis Illinois bundleflower Erigeron strigosus Daisy fleabane y Euphorbia dentata Toothed spurge y Euthamia graminifolia Grassleaf goldenrod Eragaria virginiana Wild strawberry Helianthus mollis Ashy sunflower y Hieracium longipilum Eongbeard hawkweed Hypericum perforatum Common St.
Partridge pea Chamaecrista fasciculata (Michx.) Greene Leadplant Amorpha canescens Pursh Illinois bundleflower Desmanthus illinoensis (Michx.) MacMill.
prairie larkspur Descurainia pinnata (Walter) Britton tansy mustard Descurainia sophia (L.) Webb ex tansy mustard Prantl Desmanthus illinoensis (Michx.) Illinois bundleflower MacMillan ex B.L.
Illinois bundleflower (Desmanthus illinoiensis) is a native prairie legume that produces relatively large harvests of protein-rich seed (Kulakow, 1999).
One especially promising native legume is Illinois bundleflower (Desmanthus illinoensis), a shrub-like perennial.
In the growth chamber, the grasses studied were orchardgrass, smooth bromegrass, tall fescue, Illinois bundleflower, ryegrass, switchgrass, and eastern gammagrass.
Other common prairie species including Solidago nemoralis (gray goldenrod), Fragaria virginiana (wild strawberry), Desmanthus illinoensis (bundleflower), and Pycnanthemum tenuifolium (slender mountain mint).
CV-227, PI 634750) bundleflower (Desmanthus bicornutus S.
Desmanthus illinoensis (Michx.) MacMillan: (b,+); Bundleflower or Prairie Mimosa; infrequent; in prairie planted fields; BSUH 10645, 10759.
Of this group, several are considered true calciphiles: Aster ontarionis (Ontario aster), Cornus drummondii (roughleaf dogwood), Crataegus calpodendron (pear hawthorn), Dasistoma macrophylla (mullein foxglove), Desmanthus illinoensis (prairie bundleflower), Lithospermum tuberosum (tuberous gromwell), Quercus shumardii (Shumard's oak), Ruellia strepens (limestone wild petunia), and Smallanthus uvedalia (hairy leafcup).
Perhaps because our plots attracted larger granivores than expected (e.g., blackbirds and doves) or because large seeds are more easily encountered than small ones (e.g., Getty and Pulliam 1993), avian granivores also depressed large-seeded bundleflower (Desmanthus illinoensis; seed 5.32 rag) and purple coneflower (Echinacea purpurea; seed 4.05 mg), with the latter impact at high seeding densities.
In less than two decades of selections and crosses, Land Institute researchers have achieved yields of Illinois bundleflower and wild senna comparable to wheat yields in the region.