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Noun1.Luis Bunuel - Spanish film director (1900-1983)
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The Slovenian, aged just 15, posted a bogey-free six-under 66 yesterday to finish the event seven clear of Charlotte Bunel of France.
Bunel, "Image analysis by bidimensional empirical mode decomposition," Image and Vision Computing, vol.
Bunel, "Contestability, competition and regulation.
For Adrien Bunel, 21, a French exchange student in Japan, manga and anime have also been crucial in shaping his identity and his path.
Focusing on individual actors like Timothy Pickering, Joseph Bunel, and Edward Stevens, the author emphasizes what he calls "cross-cultural relationships" and "transracial diplomacy" (9, 11).
[1.] Duval MF, Bunel J, Sitbon C, Risterucci AM, Calabre C and F Le Bellec Genetic Diversity of Caribbean mangoes (MiL) using microsatellite markers.
About Cannes, Moritz recalled: "When the old Palais was still standing and the [adjacent] Blue Bar was an important meeting place during the Cannes Film Festival, I negotiated with [Mexican producer] Gustavo Alatriste for German-speaking rights for his latest film Viridiana by [director] Luis Bunel. Being careful, I asked for and obtained a signed five-point deal on the back of the [Blue Bar's] menu.
A minor actress, she may or may not have worked as a foot double, wearing, among other shoes, an iconic pair of black ankle boots that figure prominently in a film by the Spanish surrealist Luis Bunel, Diary of Chambermaid.
The workshop was chaired by Dr Emilio Bunel, Argonne National Labs, USA, and co-chaired by Prof Matthias H Beller, head of the Leibniz Institute for Catalysis, Rostock,