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n.1.(Naut.) A kind of canoe used in Central and South America; also, a kind of boat used in the Southern United States.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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"Natagpuan lang ang mga bungo at buto na nakakalat at tinapon kung saan saan, sa ibabaw ng apartment, bubong at mga gilid gilid ng mga bahay (The skulls and bones were found scattered and dumped everywhere, on top of the apartments, roofs, and sides of the houses in the cemetery), " MNC director Yayay Castaneda said.
If you have weakness in your quads, that can lead to a degree of instability in your knees," says Tim Bungo, PT, SCS, a Cleveland Clinic physical therapist.
The episode which aired yesterday, July 17, showed Cardo in the hospital after he was stabbed and shot by Bungo (played by Baron Geisler).
Sa leeg kasi tila hindi dumiretso At waring tumama muna sa bungo nito!
[27.] Tanizawa H, Shiraishi JI, Kawakami SI, Tsudzuki M, Bungo T.
Also losing in their mayoral bids were board member Francisco Ortega (older brother of Pablo) who was defeated by Rachel Pinzon in Luna, La Union, and Michelle Ortega-Pimentel, daughter of the late Roberto"Bungo" Ortega, was defeated by incumbent Mayor Philip Crispino of Caba, La Union.
"It's brilliant to see venues likeThe Old Hairdressers, The Bungo, Vacant Space andYes Bar really get behind the festival.
Around 290 farmers then joined Bungo Tanjung, a smallholder cooperative that sells fresh fruit bunches to companies offering the highest price.
And you can get a genuine leather pair, like the boys' Buckle My Shoe Bungo ones, for PS23.
Great Uncle Bulgaria, Orinoco and Bungo were just three of which group of furry, fictional creatures?