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n.1.(Naut.) A kind of canoe used in Central and South America; also, a kind of boat used in the Southern United States.
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This project is one of the technical solutions to facilitate access to the new Luanda International Airport which includes the construction of a new railway line from the Bungo railway station in about 50 kilometers.
6) Los unos y la otra relatan, de manera diversa, el mismo acontecimiento: la conversion de un joven cortesano de Bungo (7) y la consecuente reaccion de su familia, que puso en peligro la vida de los misioneros e influyo, como veremos, en los acontecimientos politicos de esa provincia nipona.
Japanese billionaire Bungo Shimada has sold his six-story mansion on the Upper East Side for $41.
The given names of male children are followed by the term tampung, meaning the 'stalk' of a plant, while the names of female children are followed by bungo, meaning 'flower.
Fernando apelida ainda a sua cidade de "urbe quatricentenaria", "o lugar nascido sob o nome de Sao Paulo de Assuncao de Loanda", possuidora, ja no seculo XIX, de territorio que se estende desde a "linha do mar, desde o Bungo a praia do peixe".
Although in Manilla warning of this double object had been received, this was not made known; and they were received and regaled as ambassadors from the Tono of Arima and Bungo.
T Bungo Azaled with Containers, Coal, LNG and Palm oil also arrived at outer anchorage of Port Qasim during last 24 hours.
Mungo's HiFi Walk n' Skank is at The Art School in Glasgow on Saturday for Spook and Skank with Mungo's HiFi, Stalawa Sound, Breezak, Chungo Bungo and more.
Pelanduk kato Pelanduk Pinte meminte di Tanjung Leko Tekiel Nial Pelanduk makan di Kulam Bungo Makan kankuk ambo Kato sa'ah abang ku ngimbau Pelanduk kato pelanduk Menan Joeh di Tanjung Betan Dapet Siko pelanduk sebosa kambing Mouse deer, Mouse deer Taking short-cuts over Cape Leko (Its leg is trapped) Mouse deer eating in the flower pool Eating my kankuk flowers My older brother calls me Mouse deer Mouse deer Set a trap in Cape Betan I caught a Mouse deer the size of a goat
En las Regulae generales, ademas, se establecio que en los territorios de Bungo, Miyako y Shimo los superiores requerian un irmao japones para las predicas y las catequesis; de un dojuku para el altar, las comisiones, el sakazuki (4); y de dos servidores para la cocina, el caballo, etc.
For instance, Ortabasi argues that Yanagita's conscious choice to adopt the neoclassical bungo style of language in this text was not nostalgic rejection of the more popular vernacular style associated with modernist naturalism.
MAKE OURS A DOUBLE Smooth collie Boston at The Bungo, above, and Shar Pei Bumble at the Brunswick hotel