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n.1.A type of multiple bed in which the individual beds are arranged one above the other. It is used to save space in crowded quarters.
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Her "deplorable" apartment was referred to by the prosecution as a "hell hole" in which she had restrained her 4-year-old son to a bunkbed that smelled of human waste, (http://www.
Well, apart from Death in Paradise actor Don, who from the very first night simply refuses to sleep in his bunkbed slash coffin and books himself into a fancy yurt on the campsite instead.
But Holding added: "Some of the places we stayed in Thailand were the PS5-a-night ones with a bunkbed.
Things are also looking grim for generation rent, who are at risk of turning into generation bunkbed thanks to opportunistic landlords.
1800 pieces a 2 beds equivalent to 3 600 unique slabs Metal bunk bedSize: 90 x 190 // bunk bed: height 145 cm to 150 cmorSize: 90 x 200 // bunkbed height 145 cm to 150 cmDescription Head and foot sections of steel pipe, wall thickness at least 1.
This year, however, the big lad needs to move out of his bunkbed and into something a lot bigger.
Froma bunkbed in a room shared with five people to a hotel apartment of her own -- Jaybee Reyes has won big in TAG 91.
As our 'home' during the trip, the bunkbed filled dorm rooms encouraged plenty of laughter, quickly turning strangers into friends.
A "submarine" Games Port has Wii consoles, iMacs, PS3s, iPod sockets, a Kindle library, walls that transform into 3D features and, to top it all, each kid's bunkbed has a built-in flat-screen TV.
Last year at Haydock, when an experienced apprentice decided to take a nap on the bunkbed after riding in the first couple of races, before flying with four jockeys to the Ayr evening meeting.
Fully clothed Rockelle plopped on her own bunkbed and stretched until she shivered.
The nightmare hours, frozen by fear on a bunkbed of the Anderson Shelter of the back garden in Forth Avenue, Small Heath are still as scary today as they were to the new pupil at Saltley Grammar School.