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n.1.See Bun.
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Bunn rather stiffly; "but the fact remains that our town is called Bunbury.
Cinnamon Bunn met her and said he would show her around the town.
Bunn, as they went away; "but he's a good mixer and never gets cross-grained.
But you get out, Bunn, while you can; never mind me; it's my turn, old chap.
Eide Bailly is going to be able to help us specialize in different areas of accounting, Bunn said.
Bunn will join the firms Executive Committee and report directly to Chairman and CEO Paul Reilly.
Shaun Bunn had travelled by taxi to pick up his stash from a house in Whale Hill, only to leave his bag full of cannabis and digital scales in the cab.
14 August 2017 - Irish agri-services group Origin Enterprises plc (OTC: ORENF) has closed the acquisition of the fertiliser activities and certain assets of UK-based Bunn Fertiliser Ltd.
CLICHED it may appear, but for Adam Bunn and his three mates, a first venture into racehorse ownership sounds like an absolute fairytale.
The UK Competition and Markets Authority is considering whether to investigate the pending acquisition of certain assets of UK-based Bunn Fertiliser Ltd.
Jack the Yorkshire terrier, who was 25 was attacked just after owner Ray Bunn parked by Hartlepool Marina.
The New Jersey chapter of the American Institute of Architects (AIA-NJ) announced that Kimberly Bunn, AIA, will serve as the organization's past president.