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 (bo͝on-rä′ko͞o, bo͝on′rä′-)
A traditional Japanese dramatic art form featuring large puppets operated by onstage puppeteers, typically cloaked in black clothing, with a narrative that is recited by a chanter. The puppets have heads, hands, and feet of wood attached to a bodiless cloth costume.

[Japanese : after the Bunraku-za, a puppet theater established in Osaka in 1805 by Bunrakuken Uemura (1751-1810), Japanese puppeteer.]


(Theatre) a Japanese form of puppet theatre in which the puppets are usually about four feet high, with moving features as well as limbs and each puppet is manipulated by up to three puppeteers who remain onstage
[C20: Japanese]


(bʊnˈrɑ ku)

n. (sometimes cap.)
a form of Japanese puppet theater in which puppeteers who are visible to the audience manipulate large puppets to the accompaniment of a chanted narration.
[1915–20; < Japanese, from the Bunraku(-za), an Osaka theater]
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His favorite playwrights are too many to mention: "Highly subjective-from bunraku plays to devised plays to Noh and circus and mime.
G Baker 115 4) 3YO 1 (19) 013 RUSTIC DEACON 2 (3) 201 BOND FASTRAC 3 (2) 300 MIA'S BOY (4 (11) 003 RED SEVENTY 5 (6) 000 BAY KNIGHT 6 (12) 004 SAMNOMBULIST7 (17) 003 MASTER MYLO 8 (14) 110 TROJAN ROCKET 9 (9) 053 SHOWBOATING 10 (15) 113 COMRADE 1 (4) 060 WARFARE (34) 12 (13) 140 BUNRAKU (72) 13 (5) 000 MASKED DANCE 14 (7) 000 ORDERS FROM 15 (10) 063 RUSSIAN ICE 16 (1) 400 KINGSWINFORD 17 (8) 225 ROUGH ROCK 18 (16) 014 FROZEN OVER 19 (18) 656 PASHAN GARH 2011: YAIR HILL 39 2 T Durcan FORECAST: 11-2 Bond Fastrac, Showboating, 12-1 Sam Others.
Influenced by Japanese bunraku puppet theatre, the constituent parts of Puppeteer's levels fly around your character, Kutaro, as though scenery on a stage, while an audience applauds, jeers and gasps.
Hillspair o nthemark Charlie and Michael Hills teamed up to take both maidens on the card with Moodhill and Bunraku.
Horses to follow: Bartolomeu, Bollin Tommy, Bridgefield, Brundon, Bunraku, Captivator, Confidential Creek, Coquet, Dancing Freddie, Dubious Escapade, Gatewood, Ghost Train, Hoyam, Kimberella, King Of Jazz, Lean On Pete, Loving Spirit, Lucanian, Lucky Henry, Mabait, Night Celebration, Nocturn, Ottoman Empire, Qahriman, Red Duke, Red Quartet, Rothesay Chancer, Royal Peculiar, Sajjhaa, Sholaan, The Fugue, Trader Jack, Uriah Heep, Winter's Night, Yazdi.
Performers of Japanese Bunraku puppet play to begin a performance tour in Spain.
Se refiere a titeres del bunraku, la tradicion de teatro japones de marionetas, paralela al kabuki, que data del siglo XVI; de hecho la pieza de bunraku con la que inicia Dolls es una obra de Chikamatsu Monzaemon (1653-1 724), el Shakespeare japones que tambien escribia piezas de kabuki.
Traditional Japanese theater forms--gigaku, no, kyogen, bunraku, and kabuki--have long prioritized stylization over realism in performance.
Children can meet Sagwa, the character from Amy Tan's ``The Chinese Siamese Cat,'' as well as enjoy carnival rides, crafts, games, Chinese shadow puppetry and bunraku puppetry and storytellers.
Osorio se siente satisfecho de la programacion que en esta edicion XXX del FIC incluye --entre infinidad de propuestas-- a la Orquesta Mozart de Viena, Austria; a la Orquesta Sinfonica de Xalapa, de Veracruz, a la Orquesta de Baja California con Tango mata danzon, mata tango; al Teatro Bunraku de Japon, al Dance theatre de Singapur, al Teatro Malandro con
There are extensive columns on Kabuki and its acting dynasties where the dance elements derive from regular Japanese dance and the show is by no means a dance-drama, as well as on Bunraku, the Japanese puppet theater.