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 (bo͝on-rä′ko͞o, bo͝on′rä′-)
A traditional Japanese dramatic art form featuring large puppets operated by onstage puppeteers, typically cloaked in black clothing, with a narrative that is recited by a chanter. The puppets have heads, hands, and feet of wood attached to a bodiless cloth costume.

[Japanese : after the Bunraku-za, a puppet theater established in Osaka in 1805 by Bunrakuken Uemura (1751-1810), Japanese puppeteer.]


(Theatre) a Japanese form of puppet theatre in which the puppets are usually about four feet high, with moving features as well as limbs and each puppet is manipulated by up to three puppeteers who remain onstage
[C20: Japanese]


(bʊnˈrɑ ku)

n. (sometimes cap.)
a form of Japanese puppet theater in which puppeteers who are visible to the audience manipulate large puppets to the accompaniment of a chanted narration.
[1915–20; < Japanese, from the Bunraku(-za), an Osaka theater]
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He finds performative analogues far in the East, comparing the action with the Japanese bunraku theatre, as a piece to be played on stage for "the global village of the third millennium.
At first Doran had no idea how to dramatise a piece with an integral cast of wild animals, but the answer came to him when he saw traditional Bunraku theatre when the RSC was on tour in Japan.