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n.1.(Med.) An enlargement and inflammation of a small membranous sac (one of the bursæ muscosæ), usually occurring on the first joint of the great toe.
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Alun Bunyon caught two blue trout over 4lb on a standard damsel nymph while a hot head version brought one of exactly 4lb to Gareth Davies's net and was responsible for one weighing 3.
But then unpopular village gossip Mrs Bunyon, a member of Kembleford's WI, is killed after a row at a cake-baking contest.
Critique: Destined to be a classic compendium of American folklore akin to the stories of Paul Bunyon or Johnny Appleseed, "The Legend of Bob Wire" is a terrifically entertaining read and highly recommended for community and academic library collections.
Colin Bunyon joined BBC Radio Tees (Cleveland) in October 1974, becoming one of their most versatile presenters.
Garland portrays Stargell as a mixture of Paul Bunyon and Superman without a cape; and although some of Stargell's batting feats were arguably superhuman, the hyperbole, at times, gets stale.
com/Leighton-Aspell, while donations to the other six in the team - Davis, Dennis, Simon Archer, Bryan Elliott, Brian Bunyon and Bob Ling - can be made by visiting virginmoney giving.
The cell site, located near the intersection of Anne Street Northwest and Pine Ridge Avenue Northwest reportedly improves coverage North to Balsam Road Northwest and South to Paul Bunyon Drive Northwest.
Verizon Wireless said the new cell site, located near the intersection of Anne Street Northwest and Pine Ridge Avenue Northwest, improves coverage: north to Balsam Road Northwest; south to Paul Bunyon Drive Northwest; east to Birchmont Drive Northeast; and west to Cardinal Road Northwest.