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 (bŭp′kĭs) also bub·kes (bŭb′kəs)
n. Slang
A worthless amount; little or nothing.

[Yiddish bobkes, from pl. of bobke, diminutive of bob, bean, of Slavic origin; akin to Polish bób and Russian bob, bean; see bha-bhā- in Indo-European roots.]
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A film could sweep every one of the 250-plus critics voting groups, but all those wins would mean bupkis when it comes to Oscar tallies.
When they did that, they didn't think for a moment that those two very smart groups of people have bupkis in sales and business background.
But in the end, as ConnCAN said to advocates in their final campaign report, "we got bupkis.
But Dan Slater, writing for the Wall Street Journal Law Blog, put it this way: "Marry Goyim, You Get Bupkis," read the blog's headline at http://blogs.
Central, undoubtedly due to a number of internal and external pressures, entrenched itself in subprime securities to the tune of 75% of it's portfolio, and another 10% in securities backed by subordinated loans, such as second liens and home equities, many of which are worth bupkis after the bursting of the housing bubble.
I tossed out our currency peg and let our currency, the bupkis, float; naturally, it depreciated like water swirling down a drain.
That's the popular explanation as to why HBO's ``The Sopranos,'' which everyone on the planet Earth but academy voting members agreed was 1998-99's best series by a Jersey Turnpike mile, got bupkis at last year's Emmys, a measly two trophies out of 16 nominations.
The most successful in this business have a magical ability to convince Joe Sixpack that he is the very lucky beneficiary of policies that cost him plenty and deliver him bupkis.
Sales climbed over the million-dollar mark in 1966, aided by a slimey-feeling Humpty Dumpty-like character called Bupkis.
This budget gives a big sweetheart deal to the multi-national gas drilling industry," said Jan Jarrett, PennFuture's president and CEO, "but it gives bupkis to the average Pennsylvania taxpayer.
At this point, we have hundreds of hearings that have produced bupkis.
Back in the real world, where sellers and buyers schlepp product for foreign territories, desperately hoping to recoup the cost of showing up here in the South of France, the facade doesn't mean bupkis.