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n.1.The imaginary milk-white animal on which Mohammed was said to have been carried up to heaven; a white mule.
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El Buraq for Import & Export & Commercial Agencies aims to increase its sales of tractors and agricultural machinery during the current year, in addition to beginning exporting to Arab countries.
It is called the 'Wall of the Ascent to Heaven' or the 'Wall of Buraq.
Occupied Jerusalem: Israel's transportation minister is pushing ahead with a plan to extend Occupied Jerusalem's soon-to-open high speed rail line to Al Buraq Wall, where he wants to name a future station after President Donald Trump.
Palestinians refer to the wall as the Buraq wall for its significance to Islam and Jews refer to it as the Wailing Wall.
Led by paediatric consultant surgeon Dr Mohammed Amine Al Awadhi, the Bahraini team also included Dr Faiza Haider, Dr Ezzet Mohammed, Dr Buraq Ayoub and Dr Aya Mahmoud.
After the meeting, the Deputy PM said the Cabinet welcomed the resolution issued by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) approving Al-Aqsa Mosque (Al-Haram Al-Sharif) as one of the exclusive Islamic holy sites and said that the Buraq Wall (Western Wall) is an integral part of the Al-Aqsa Mosque.
The commander of the Buraq forces, of the PMF, Wathiq Fartusi told the website of the PMF that popular mobilization forces and border guards forces engaged yesterday evening, the vulnerability of attack by Daash at Akashat junction west Rutba (310 km west of Ramadi).
In the first race of the day, Al Jeryan Stud's AJS Buraq shed his maiden status on his fourth career outing.
Tous les billets Buraq emis concernant l'aeroport de Sfax seront valables.
Le drone de fabrication pakistanaise Buraq, annonce en mars dernier, a pour la premiere fois servi hier.
In the first phase, up to seven schools will undergo maintenance works: Wadi school in Ghalila, Hera school in Al Dheit, Nusaiba school in Dahan, Al Jeer school in Al Jeer, Zainab school in Al Jazeera Al Hamra, Al Bariyat school in Seih Al Bariyat and Al Buraq school in Shawka area.
The Libyan company Buraq Air has leased Airbus A320-200 from the S.