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A city of northern Spain on a high plateau south-southwest of Bilbao. Founded c. 884, it was the capital of the kingdom of Castile in the 11th century and of Francisco Franco's regime during the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939).


(Placename) a city in N Spain, in Old Castile: cathedral. Pop: 169 317 (2003 est)


(ˈbur gɔs)

a city in N Spain. 163,910.
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Spies had been sent out in the morning, and returned after nightfall to say that the King of Spain was encamped some fourteen miles off in the direction of Burgos, having with him twenty thousand horse and forty-five thousand foot.
In front of them there lay a broad plain, watered by two winding streams and covered with grass, stretching away to where, in the furthest distance, the towers of Burgos bristled up against the light blue morning sky.
Burgos presented his credentials to President of the Republic of Suriname Desire Delano Bouterse as the Philippine Non-Resident Ambassador to Suriname last November 23.
Lauren Burgos of Brooklyn, New York, is no stranger to sacrifice.
com)-- Nestled in the heart of Spanish Harlem is the Julia De Burgos Latino Cultural Center, an edifice of Puerto Rican pride and strength that has served as a beacon of Latino resilience for over 25 years.
Burgos stated that as Civilian Operations Command of Philippines army, we have worked together with Integrative Center for Alternative Development (ICAD) Foundation which also incorporates Turkish schools, Turkish Trade Chamber in Philippines and Kimse Yok Mu in many useful organizations.
The opportunity to connect with and enrich the dog-owning community is a dream come true for us," explained Julissa Burgos, founder of Dogs Only Boutique.
Efren Burgos, who drives a 16-wheeler trailer truck for one of the major car dealers based in the Industrial Area, told Gulf Times that the deplorable conditions of the roads have caused inconveniences to both the drivers and their respective companies.
New York: He's the US Open's oldest rookie but 34-year-old Victor Estrella Burgos has gleefully and tearfully seized his last chance at the big time after a lifetime spent in tennis' twilight zone.
TENNIS players do not normally break down before a match but Victor Estrella Burgos could have been forgiven for shedding a few tears when he walked on to Court 7 at Roland Garros last Sunday.
com, a flexo training service provider, Burgos has 30 years of flexo industry experience.
Leonardo Burgos Espinal, 42, is facing charges of aggravated identity theft and conspiracy to commit fraud in connection with identification documents, according to federal court records.