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Miss Burgoyne and her donkey were thrusting their heads in at the half door.
Irene Burgoyne, one of her family, told me in confidence that there was a romance somewhere back in the beginning.
He had not thought of Hilda Burgoyne for years; indeed, he had almost forgotten her.
Of course, Hilda is Irish,--the Burgoynes have been stage people for generations,--and she has the Irish voice.
One of your great-grandfathers signed the Declaration, and another was a general on Washington's staff, and received General Burgoyne's sword after the battle of Saratoga.
In October, 1777, General Burgoyne surrendered his army, at Saratoga, to the American general, Gates.
Nutting had a famous foxhound named Burgoyne -- he pronounced it Bugine -- which my informant used to borrow.
The carelessness engendered by these usages descended even to the war of the Revolution and lost the States the important fortress of Ticonderoga opening a way for the army of Burgoyne into what was then the bosom of the country.
He married Maria Gansevoort, daughter of General Peter Gansevoort, best known as 'the hero of Fort Stanwix.' This fort was situated on the present site of Rome, N.Y.; and there Gansevoort, with a small body of men, held in check reinforcements on their way to join Burgoyne, until the disastrous ending of the latter's campaign of 1777 was insured.
Wilkinson made multiple changes from the squad of trialists that lost to Blackburn on Wednesday, with Wolves Under-23 goalkeeper Harry Burgoyne and former City academy player Charlie Oliver included in the starting eleven.
Charlie Leigh Burgoyne, aged 17, died at the scene of the crash in Tansey Green Road, Pensnett, on May 23 despite the efforts of the emergency services.
Committee member Jamie Burgoyne said: "We've put months of planning into this year's festival.