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Bur·gun·dy 1

1. A ducal house of Burgundy split into the Capetian line (1032-1361) and the Cadet, or Valois, line (1363-1477).
2. A Portuguese dynasty (1139-1383) beginning with Alfonso I, who made Portugal an independent kingdom.

Bur·gun·dy 2

 (bûr′gən-dē) also Bour·gogne (bo͞or-gôn′yə)
A historical region and former duchy of eastern France. The area was first organized into a kingdom by the Burgundii, a Germanic people, in the 5th century ad. At the height of its later power in the 14th and 15th centuries, Burgundy controlled vast territories in present-day Netherlands, Belgium, and northeast France. It was incorporated into the French crown lands by Louis XI in 1477.

Bur·gun′di·an (bər-gŭn′dē-ən) adj. & n.

Bur·gun·dy 3

n. pl. Bur·gun·dies
a. Any of various red or white wines produced in the Burgundy region of France.
b. Any of various similar wines produced elsewhere.
2. burgundy A dark grayish or blackish red to dark purplish red or reddish brown.
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(Placename) of or relating to Burgundy or its inhabitants
(Placename) a native or inhabitant of Burgundy
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(bərˈgʌn di ən)

1. of Burgundy or the Burgundians.
2. a native or inhabitant of Burgundy.
3. a member of a Germanic people who settled in what is now Burgundy in the 5th century a.d.
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A. ADJborgoñón
B. Nborgoñón/ona m/f
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No, we sat calmly down--it was in old Dijon, which is so easy to spell and so impossible to pronounce except when you civilize it and call it Demijohn--and poured out rich Burgundian wines and munched calmly through a long table d'hote bill of fare, snail patties, delicious fruits and all, then paid the trifle it cost and stepped happily aboard the train again, without once cursing the railroad company.
It was neither an assault by the Picards nor the Burgundians, nor a hunt led along in procession, nor a revolt of scholars in the town of Laas, nor an entry of "our much dread lord, monsieur the king," nor even a pretty hanging of male and female thieves by the courts of Paris.
Majestic tapestries, colourful stained glass windows, elegant wooden sculptures, historic lace, Burgundian manuscripts and Chinese porcelain; each one of these artefacts has a unique story which brings three periods of Bruges' rich history to life.
The result has a Burgundian feel with smooth, floral, cherry and red plum fruit, nippy acidity, earthy touches with chocolate and clove in there too but gentle tannin.
Essays by medievalists give background on the manuscriptAEs production and reception, discussing aspects such as the artists of the manuscript, the chivalric ideal in the Burgundian Netherlands, and dress, armor, and weapons in the manuscript.
HAPPENED ON THIS DAY 1423: An English and Burgundian army inflicted a heavy defeat on a French and Scottish army at the battle of Cravant.
Possibly as a result of Gustaf's interest in older fashions and his adaptation of them for tournaments and theatre productions, a new type of performance costume, a "Burgundian" costume evolved at the Swedish court.
Her revisionist thesis is that Christine was not neutral or wavering: she never shifted her allegiance away from the Orleans / Armagnac faction, even though she had some connections to the Burgundians. The former camp was led first by Louis of Orleans, Charles VI's brother, and then by Bernard of Armagnac, the father-in-law of Louis' son Charles of Orleans: whereas the Burgundian camp was headed by the dukes Philip the Bold, the brother of king Charles V, and by his son Jean sans Peur, following Philip's death in 1404.
Convinced of the potential, particularly for growing Burgundian varietals, the Hahns in 1979 began buying land along the highlands.
According to prosecutors, Kurniawan purchased large amounts of bulk wine, then affixed bottles with labels replicated from prestigious chateaux and exemplary vintage years, often showing particular fondness for Burgundian wine producer Domaine de la Romanee-Conti.
Located in the "deep end" of the valley (near Philo, CA), Long Meadow Ranch CEO and president Ted Hall believes this location is ideal for producing vineyard-designated Burgundian wines that present true varietal character.
This is the receiving area for La Paulee, a U.S.-based homage to the traditional Burgundian post-harvest celebration founded by Daniel Johnnes, going into its fifteenth year.