Helix pomatia

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Noun1.Helix pomatia - one of the chief edible snailsHelix pomatia - one of the chief edible snails  
snail - freshwater or marine or terrestrial gastropod mollusk usually having an external enclosing spiral shell
genus Helix, Helix - type genus of the family Helicidae
escargot, snail - edible terrestrial snail usually served in the shell with a sauce of melted butter and garlic
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In France, only two types are commonly eaten: the 'Petit-Gris', or 'Little Gray" and the 'Escargot de Bourgogne', or 'Burgundy Snail '.  Snails are like mushrooms in the sense that they can be collected in the wild, as long as the collector is educated about where to find and how to identify edible snails.
Polish molluscs rescued the Burgundy Snail Festival where15,000people polished off 96,000 snails.France has to import half of its 30,000tonnes of snails from aboard because local ones are too scarce and too expensive to collect
From the classic interiors of Brasserie du Park to the terrace at NO...PE, guests can sample a variety of gourmet cheeses, charcuterie and terrines alongside dishes including Burgundy snails, pan-seared foie gras, scallops and Fine de Claire oysters.
Expect the likes of Landes duck fois gras, Burgundy snails and beef tartare and duck with turnips; naturally, seafood will be a highlight.
Jacques PoAAalees, Puree de Pommes de Terre aux Truffes (seared scallops, truffled mashed potatoes) and Escargot de Bourgogne (Burgundy snails in garlic and parsley butter) for appetizers; Grilled Tuna Steak with Foie Gras and Truffle Sauce, Braised Beef Cheek topped with Pan Seared Foie Gras and Braised Lamb Shank for mains; and CrAA"me Brulee and Profiterole au Chocolat for dessert.