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n.1.See Burg.
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But this doesn't mean that 'brough' is incorrect, and both originate from the Anglo-Saxon word 'burh',' a fortified settlement.
[??]urh fulne eac folces gaelsan and burh oferfylla and maenigfealde synna heora eard hy forworhtan and selfe hy forwurdan.
The source said that 12 citizens were killed during the air raids om Taiz province that targeted the bridge between Burh and Wahis and neighboring areas.
The commentary elaborates on his pious actions, such as founding the abbeys of Glastonbury, Abingdon, Burh (Peterborough), Thorney, and Ramsey.
The low heart weight of birds fed water at 40% of ad libitum is consistent with results reported by Burh et al.
VISIT The town''''s name derives from the Old English words 'burh,' meaning fortified town or hilltown and 'ford', the crossing of a river.
(273-279) Rade weard et hilde Offa forheawen; he haefde beah geforpod paet he his frean gehet, swa he beotode aer wid his beahgifan paet hi sceoldon begen on burh ridan, hale to hame, odde on here crincgan, on waelstowe wundum sweltan.
Charters from the late Saxon period show that there was a settlement - a burh - on top of Bredon Hill as late as the 10th century, probably re-using the defensive ramparts that the Iron Age had left behind.