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n.1.See Burg.
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The low heart weight of birds fed water at 40% of ad libitum is consistent with results reported by Burh et al.
273-279) Rade weard et hilde Offa forheawen; he haefde beah geforpod paet he his frean gehet, swa he beotode aer wid his beahgifan paet hi sceoldon begen on burh ridan, hale to hame, odde on here crincgan, on waelstowe wundum sweltan.
They have completed regular exchanges with Wolfgang and Loni Burh and their two children.
Charters from the late Saxon period show that there was a settlement - a burh - on top of Bredon Hill as late as the 10th century, probably re-using the defensive ramparts that the Iron Age had left behind.
Aethelflaed's burh building was matched by her brother, who used his fortifications as bases to take back territory.
dis gewrit sodlice in dam halgan burh Hierusalem of heofenum dun afeal
20) Nu we sceolan, men ha leofestan, [eth]a wundor gecyrran on so[thorn]faestnesse geleafan ures Drihtnes Now, we must, men the dearest, those marvels tum to the truth of faith in our Lord Haelendes Cristes, [thorn]a he burh his [thorn]a mycclan miht worhte beforan manna eagum.
Two especially important revisions concern the origins of the Roman town, and the location of the alleged Saxon royal burh of Kingsbury.
the twelfth-century trilingual gloss 'sarcofagum: burh, sarcu' (Hunt, I.