Burial place

any place where burials are made.

See also: Burial

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
References in classic literature ?
"The entrance to the cavern that leads to the burial place of the dead, and the city that is dead also.
"Well, this may be a burial place sure enough, but I think I see something alive all right--if it isn't a ghost."
Our last sight was the cemetery (a burial place intended to accommodate
"By no means," returned Heyward, anxious to recall his error, if he had made one; "the white man may, and does often, forget the burial place of his fathers; he sometimes ceases to remember those he should love, and has promised to cherish; but the affection of a parent for his child is never permitted to die."
These rocks have long served for burial places, and in consequence are held too sacred to be approached.
Now research by programme makers for S4C has established the artist's burial place in Dieppe, France, and a memorial has been unveiled to acknowledge her international contribution to Welsh art history.
The burial place was expanded, circa 1900 and again in the 1920s.
Kirklees Estate at Clifton - reputedly the burial place of Robin Hood - will open its gates to the public for two days this summer.
His family and friends will fly to the burial place from Los Angeles where he has been living in the later years of his life.
Jumabek Zikirbaev, former SWAT officer of the Kyrgyz Interior Ministry and the current leader of a local crime group, who had shown a place, where the body of murdered MP Ruslan Shabotoev was buried, has denied his involvement into the lawmaker's murder.Jumabek Zikirbaev said other person had murdered Shabotoev, who is yet to be caught by police.Zikirbaev claims he had just accompanied persons, who killed the lawmaker, and saw the place where he was buried.The body of presumably MP Ruslan Shabatoev was found on September 30 near the village of Bashkara-Suu, Alamudun rayon, Chuy oblast.The burial place was show by a detained crime group leader Jumabek Zikirbaev.
His burial place is in the British Military Cemetery, Poperinge, Belgium.
More than two million pilgrims, including about 8,000 from the West Midlands, will descend on Mecca - the burial place of the prophet Mohammad - where crowded ceremonies, accommodations and public transport may become hotspots for communicable diseases like malaria, meningitis and hepatitis.