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 (bûr′nē), Frances Known as "Fanny." 1752-1840.
British writer known especially for her novels, such as the comedy of manners Evelina (1778), and for her witty and sophisticated letters and diaries.


1. (Biography) Charles. 1726–1814, English composer and music historian, whose books include A General History of Music (1776–89)
2. (Biography) his daughter, Frances. known as Fanny; married name Madame D'Arblay. 1752–1840, English novelist and diarist: author of Evelina (1778). Her Diaries and Letters (1768–1840) are of historical interest


(ˈbɜr ni)

Fanny or Frances (Madame D'Arblay), 1752–1840, English novelist and diarist.
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Charles Burney, Fanny's father, was from an aristocratic family which had fallen into decay.
Evelina (in full Evelina; or The History of a Young Lady's Entrance Into the World) Novel of manners by Burney, Fanny, published anonymously in 1778.