Burnishing machine

a machine for smoothing and polishing by compression, as in making paper collars.

See also: Burnish

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burnishing machine features a two-speed (1,000/2,000 rpms), 1.
On display will be machining centers, turning centers, drilling machines, milling machines and centers, boring machines, transfer machines, screw machines, broaching machines, skiving/trepanning machines/roller burnishing machines, gun drilling machines, planer/mills, boring mills, multiple spindle drills and automatics, drill/mill/bore heads and slides, thread rolling, jig boring/milling machines and knurling machines, VTLs, bar feeds, automation systems, assembly machines, end finishers, machining cells, CNC lathes and Flexible Manufacturing Systems (EMS).
Machining centers * turning centers * assembly automation * milling machines & centers * boring machines * drilling machines * transfer machines * screw machines * broaching machines * skiving/trepanning/roller burnishing machines * gun drilling machines * planer/mills * boring mills * multiple spindle drills & automatics * drill/mill/bore heads & slides thread rolling * jig boring/milling machines & knurling machines * VTLs * bar feeds * automation systems * assembly machines end finishers * machining cells * chuckers * CNC lathes * Flexible Manufacturing Systems (FMS).