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small donkey
Not to be confused with:
borough – a town or village
burrow – hole dug in the ground; to dig a hole


 (bûr′ō, bo͝or′ō, bŭr′ō)
n. pl. bur·ros
1. A small donkey, especially one used as a pack animal.
2. Slang A drug smuggler who swallows bags filled with a drug, especially heroin or cocaine, to avoid detection by drug enforcement officers or customs officials.

[Spanish, back-formation from borrico, donkey, from Vulgar Latin *burrīcus, variant of Late Latin būricus, burricus, small horse, of unknown origin.]


n, pl -ros
a donkey, esp one used as a pack animal
[C19: Spanish, from Portuguese, from burrico donkey, ultimately from Latin burrīcus small horse]


(ˈbɜr oʊ, ˈbʊər oʊ, ˈbʌr oʊ)

n., pl. -ros.
1. a small donkey, esp. one used as a pack animal.
2. any donkey.
[1790–1800; < Sp < Portuguese, back formation from burrico ass < Vulgar Latin *burriccus for Late Latin burrīcus pony]
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Noun1.burro - small donkey used as a pack animalburro - small donkey used as a pack animal  
domestic ass, donkey, Equus asinus - domestic beast of burden descended from the African wild ass; patient but stubborn
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Tenders are invited for conditioning of the seafront of playa de las burras, t.M.
FOLLOWING their successes at the British Championships in Edinburgh it's congratulations to Freya Anderson of Wirral Metro and Southport's Lewis Burras who have been selected for the GB team at the European Junior Championships.
Stephanie Burras, CEO of the Ahead Partnership, said: "Winning this funding to expand our successful Make the Grade programme still further is a really exciting opportunity.
Stephanie Burras, who chairs the LEP's employment and skills panel, said: "As a private sector representative and skills lead on the LEP board I am pleased to see businesses taking advantage of the LEP skills service offer and accessing funding support for training.
En los diferentes ensayos se utilizaron muestras de leche de tres burras (10-12 dias post parto) y tres yeguas (11-15 dias post parto), obtenidas de granjas privadas de la Provincia de Tucuman, y leche de dos ejemplares de tapir (10 y 11 dias post parto) del Bioparque Temaiken, de Buenos Aires, Argentina.
While the Burras, the Australian under- 21 team, are here to win the Junior World Cup, the youngsters also hope to be spotted by the HIL franchises and earn a good pay cheque.
Amazing Americans opens with one Anna Burras, who lived between 1594 and 1650, presenting a black and white drawing of Burras and the captivating introduction "Some days can change your life.
"For the last ten years, the motivating factor for growing switchgrass in much of the central United States has been conservation/preservation," says Iowa State University Assistant Professor of Agronomy Lee Burras. "Now those lands are coming back into production and farmers are looking for [crop] alternatives.
BEHIND the goal, among the Burras Bravas heavy mob, gloating Argentinian fans unfurled a banner reading 'Don't Cry For Me England'.