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n.1.A sort of pear, called also the red butter pear, from its smooth, delicious, soft pulp.
1.Same as Borrel.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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His white mantle was shaped with severe regularity, according to the rule of Saint Bernard himself, being composed of what was then called Burrel cloth, exactly fitted to the size of the wearer, and bearing on the left shoulder the octangular cross peculiar to the Order, formed of red cloth.
Mary Funk, a teacher at Burrel Union Elementary School in Burrel, Calif., whose school participated in the contest last year, is quoted in a news release from the iScienceProject.
7 Marisol Andres, Marce Burrel, Marc Parayre, Hermes Salceda and Regina Vega.
Julian Burrel of Wales Holidays, which has 550 self-catering properties on its books, had only 30 left before Christmas and was expecting to take bookings right until the last minute this week.
The groomsmen were Brian Burrel of Nashville, Tennessee; Jeremy Jones of Jackson; Chris Lott of Poplarville, brother of the bride; Scotty McClellan of Hattiesburg; Ray Octavec of Ft.
Pictures/John HipkissAndrew Dickinson, Peter Davies, Ian Burrel, Olwyn Ditchburn, Ben Reid, Anne Moyle and David DarlastonKeith and Carol Burke, Mike Bell and Keith DuncanS Bhatti, Mohammed Younis Bhatti, A Kurji and R KurjiRobert Browett, Elaine Parker, Linda Ash, Sara Hay and Derek InmanSusan and Brian Summers, Roger Hamer, Gary Taylor
He ran into the music room, and I can't find him," Burrel said.
Gardner, vice president of diversity and strategic programs at the American Advertising Federation, a national trade organization based in Washington, D.C., believes that Burrel's acquisition of the Verizon account bodes well for all black ad agencies.
Gotthard minerals, bought from the mineral dealer Burrel.