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 (bûr′ōz, bŭr′-), Edgar Rice 1875-1950.
American writer best known for creating the character Tarzan in his novel Tarzan of the Apes (1914).


, John 1837-1921.
American naturalist and writer whose vivid essays gained him wide popularity as a benign sage of nature.

Burroughs 1

, William Seward 1855-1898.
American inventor who designed (1885) and patented the first practical adding machine.

Burroughs 2

, William Seward 1914-1997.
American writer noted especially for Naked Lunch (1959), a surrealist portrait of drug addiction.


1. (Biography) Edgar Rice. 1875–1950, US novelist, author of the Tarzan stories
2. (Biography) William S(eward). 1914–97, US novelist, noted for his experimental works exploring themes of drug addiction, violence, and homosexuality. His novels include Junkie (1953), The Naked Lunch (1959), and Interzone (1989)


(ˈbɜr oʊz, ˈbʌr-)

1. Edgar Rice, 1875–1950, U.S. novelist.
2. John, 1837–1921, U.S. naturalist and essayist.
3. William Seward, 1855–98, U.S. inventor of the adding machine.
4. his grandson William S(eward), 1914–97, U.S. novelist.
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Noun1.Burroughs - United States writer noted for his works portraying the life of drug addicts (1914-1997)
2.Burroughs - United States inventor who patented the first practical adding machine (1855-1898)
3.Burroughs - United States novelist and author of the Tarzan stories (1875-1950)
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A minister, named George Burroughs, was among the accused.
1) Miles also makes extensive use of Ted Morgan's taped interviews for his 1988 biography of Burroughs, (2) and he relies on Rob Johnson's research on Burroughs's "lost" years in Texas in the late '40s and Stewart Meyers's unpublished journals of his friendship with Burroughs during "the Bunker years" in New York in the '70s.
Burroughs was born on April 3, 1837 on a small farm in Roxbury.
Mark leaves behind the love of his life and best friend, his wife of 42 years Judi (McNutt) Tebo and his three step-children, Scott Burroughs, and his wife Robin, Mark Burroughs and his wife Kim, and Patrick Burroughs.
His previous works include an earlier biography of Burroughs, books on other writers of the Beat Generation, and a restored edition of Naked Lunch.
Vince Burroughs never expected to be the headline in a national news story, but he never expected to say he was propositioned by an IRS agent, either.
Pulitzer-Prize wining author Morgan originally met Beat poet William Burroughs in London in the 1970s; Burroughs himself chose Morgan to write this biography.
Raider Ian Burroughs was described by his own barrister as having a fetish for ladies underwear.
BURBANK -- For five minutes Friday night, it appeared the Burroughs High of Burbank girls' basketball team was the class of the Pacific League.
We were having a terrible time," says Darryl Burroughs, director of student information systems, or SIS.
Ty Burroughs, roughs, president of the Burroughs Financial Group in Atlanta, uses an investment strategy that involves value picking and whether or not corporate management is buying or selling their own company shares.
In Running With Scissors, his acclaimed memoir, gay author Augusten Burroughs details a childhood spent with a Santa-like psychiatrist and his bizarre family, including a pedophile who lives in a backyard shack.