n.1.A youth; especially, a student in a german university.
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von Weber: "Kommt ein schlanker Bursch gegangen" (Der Freischutz ).
Functional neuroimaging techniques have begun to associate specific brain activity with acts of deception (for reviews see Gamer 2014, & Rosenfeld, Ben-Shakhar, & Ganis, 2012; Ambach, Bursch, Stark, & Vaitl, 2010) though this area of research has not considered that sensation seeking may influence functional changes in the brain that indicate deception and memory processes.
John Bursch, attorney for Michigan's Republican Attorney General Bill Schuette, who had challenged Stein's case for a recount, praised Goldsmith's decision.
Forgey M, Bursch B (2014) Psychopharmacology in Palliative Care and Oncology: Childhood and Adolescence.
Bursch, special assistant attorney general for the state of Michigan who argued against marriage equality, and asserted that same-sex couples are really seeking the "dignity" that only legal marriage can bring.
We know we can't procreate, but we want the other attributes of it in order to show that we, too, have a dignity that can be fulfilled,''' Kennedy said in an exchange with lawyer John Bursch, who was defending the state marriage bans
For example, Newsom, Scodro, John Bursch (Michigan), and Jeff Sutton (Ohio) used their positions as solicitors--where they argued cases before the U.
Aakash Chemicals, a hybrid manufacturer of colorants and specialty additives headquartered in the Chicago area, announced that Frank Bursch has become president of the organization.
To date, the most commonly used assessment methods to evaluate IRD in physiotherapy clinical practice are calipers (Boxer and Jones 1997, Hsia and Jones 2000) and palpation (Boissonnault and Blaschak 1988, Boxer and Jones 1997, Bursch 1987).