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(Professions) US and Canadian a waiter's assistant


or bus′ girl`,

a girl or woman who works as a waiter's helper.
[1940–45, Amer.; bus (boy) + girl]
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At this stage I've worked as a busgirl (waiter's helper), a waitress and a host - I know how restaurants work on all levels.
She started by working as a busgirl at the Taipei 101 restaurant.
He had begun dating Kim Longstreet, a busgirl at Hyde Park, and she was looking for somewhere to study photography.
She becomes a bawdy Shakespearian and a writer-performer in an alternative cabaret, all the while balancing myriad part-time jobs as dishwasher, busgirl, prep cook, children's TV series writer, housepainter, and unorthodox Santa.
The staff seemed to have as much fun dressing up as the customers, according to Denita Butts, a busgirl.