Bush dog

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(Zool.) See Potto.

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This stunningly illustrated and easy-to-use field guide covers every species of the world's carnivorous animals, from the gray wolf of North America to the dholes of Asia, from African jackals to the South American bush dog.
In particular, the bush dog photo impressed us as it was stunning snap of an animal that is rarely photographed by our visitors."
Speothos venaticus (Lund, 1842), popularly known as bush dog, is the smallest of Brazilian canids; it occurs in South America from Panama to Argentina, with records also in French Guiana, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru and Paraguay (Langguth 1969; Beisiegel & Zuercher 2005; Reis et al.
TWO litters of bush dog pups born at Chester Zoo have started to venture outside for the first time.
TWO litters of bush dog pups born at a zoo have started to venture outside for the first time.
In the article "A review of bush dog Speothos venaticus (Lund, 1842) (Carnivora, Canidae) occurrences in Parana state, subtropical Brazil", DOI http://dx.doi.org/10.1590/1519-6984.20914, published in Brazilian Journal of Biology, vol.
In the order Carnivora, there have been many SEM studies of the tongues of cat (Boshell et al, 1982; Kobayashi et al., 1988), dog (Iwasaki & Sakata, 1985; Kobayashi et al., 1987), mongoos (Iwasaki et al, 1987), Japanese weasel (Furubayashi et al., 1989), sea otter (Shimoda et al., 1996), Asian black bear (Inatomi & Kobayashi, 1999), bush dog (Emura et al., 2000), panther and Asian black bear (Emura et al., 2001), lion (Emura et al., 2003), tiger (Emura et al., 2004), silver fox (Jackowiak & Godynicki, 2004), raccoon dog and fox (Emura et al., 2006), Japanese marten (Emura et al, 2007), ferret and Siberian weasel (Emura, 2008) and ferret (Takemura et al, 2009).
They were called in after thousands of protesters shouting "Down with Bush Dog" and "Hero of Islam - Osama bin Laden" took to the streets.
Felix, the abortion-survivor pro-lifer, pounces on the face of his pro-choice opponent, who peels him off and flings him onto the Bush dog; screaming for help, he rides through the White House on the dog's back.