Bush hog

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(Zool.) a South African wild hog (Potamochœrus Africanus); - called also bush pig, and water hog.
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You can use a small tractor and bush hog, or chop the plants by hand in places where you can't drive.
This location carries a full range of agricultural product including Case IH, Brandt, Bush Hog, Great Plains, McFarlane, Orthman, and Unverferth, among other product lines.
Clear It: Use a chainsaw or bush hog to clear out any small saplings and thick brush first.
Often called the brush hog or bush hog (trade name Bush Hog), these rough country mowers come in a range of sizes and capabilities, but they all consist of a vertically oriented spindle(s) that spins the often-hinged horizontal blades to get the cutting accomplished.
It sells and supports a full line of new farm equipment from Case IH, Kubota, Bush Hog, Great Plains and over 20 other leading manufacturers in addition to offering parts and service (including after-hours service), used farm equipment and dirt-moving machines.
Tony Marchese joins Bush Hog as VP of Sls and Mktg.
The variation in fuel consumption was wide, from just 300 milliliters burned over the test circuit in the Hustler FasTrak Super Duty to 4,500 milliliters in the fuel-hungry Bush Hog R-754.
Not only that, the auction listed other items, including several trailers, an ATV, a boat, a tractor, a bush hog and a 1926 Model T truck.
Alamo said that its third quarter results include the acquisition of Bush Hog in October 2009, which contributed USD25.7m to sales and USD1.9m to net income, as well as tax credits related to prior years' research and development expenses that lowered the provision for income tax by USD0.9m.
The men crowded into the tool tent and were bidding like crazy, and there was even a silent auction, although with items one never saw at the Orchid Ball or Going for the Gold: a round-trip bus ticket to Indiana, 10 yards of fill dirt, two hours of bush hog service.
said it has signed an agreement to acquire Bush Hog LLC, Selma, Ala., a manufacturer of rotary cutters, finishing mowers, zero-turn mowers, front-end loaders, backhoes, landscape equipment and implements.