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Noun1.Irvingia - wild mango
rosid dicot genus - a genus of dicotyledonous plants
family Simaroubaceae, quassia family, Simaroubaceae - chiefly tropical trees and shrubs with bitter bark having dry usually one-seeded winged fruit
dika, Irvingia gabonensis, wild mango, wild mango tree - African tree with edible yellow fruit resembling mangos; valued for its oil-rich seed and hardy green wood that resists termites
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Critical habitat for Cross River gorillas in Nigerias Mbe Mountains is legally recognized and effectively co-managed, benefitting 12,000 people from improved cocoa production, bush mango harvesting and watershed protection.
She further stressed that the program is an establishment of a platform of onions, tomatoes, plantain, banana and African bush mango. These stakeholders are expected to meet and add value to these perishable items.