Bush master

(Zool.) a venomous snake (Lachesis mutus) of Guinea; - called also surucucu.

See also: Bush

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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22, they turned over to the Army's 1st Infantry Battalion a Bush Master and a M653 rifles.
Seized from Buisan's home were a customized Bush Master assault rifle; an M203 rifle fitted with a launcher for 40-millimeter grenade projectiles; 11 shoulder-fired grenades and 21 ammunition magazines.
Bellini Rose edged left a furlong out to shut a gap on unlucky runner-up Bush Master, who closed to a neck after being switched, and stipendiary secretary Colin Vickers admitted: "It was a difficult decision but we weren't convinced there was a big enough gap for the runner-up and not convinced it cost him the race."
Others to follow Brighton 2.30 Bush Master. Kempton 5.50 Peter Grimes, 6.20 Pont De Nuit, 6.50 Sometsuke, 7.50 Statute Book, 8.20 Roar Of Applause.
The odds-on favourite travelled well before holding off the persistent challenge of Bonheurs Art with the pair seven lengths clear of the Hannon-trained Bush Master.
For those who took all rates, he made heavy weather of getting past Bush Master.