Bush warbler

(Zool.) any American warbler of the genus Opornis, as the Connecticut warbler (Opornis agilis).

See also: Warbler

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In Kargil, Dalvi spotted the Longbilled Bush Warbler which has not been seen in a breeding ground in India since 1977.
The Japanese Bush warbler (Cettia diphone or Uguiso in Japanese) is a bird commonly found throughout Japan.
In particular, there is no research on changes in Japanese Bush warbler songs during their lifetime.
We can thus conclude that Suzuki's use of the Japanese Bush warbler as an example to prove that musical ability is not inborn is faulty.
Phylogenetic relationship and song differences between closely related Bush warblers.
in Japanese is referred to the excrement produced by a nightingale called Japanese bush warbler (
Behavioral function of the anomalous song in the bush warbler.
Song type for intrasexual interaction in the bush warbler.
Playback experiments with bush warblers (Cettia diphone), a species with "alpha" and "beta" song types, revealed that beta songs signal a higher level of aggression (Park and Park, 2O00).
And the bottoms producing top-dollar doo-doo apparently belong to Japanese nightingales - tiny bush warblers farmed only on the island of Kyushu.