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1. A fixed or removable cylindrical metal lining used to constrain, guide, or reduce friction.
2. Electricity An insulating lining for an aperture through which a conductor passes.
3. An adapter threaded to permit joining of pipes with different diameters.

[From bush.]


1. (Mechanical Engineering) another word for bush21
2. (Mechanical Engineering) an adaptor having ends of unequal diameters, often with internal screw threads, used to connect pipes of different sizes
3. (Electrical Engineering) a layer of electrical insulation enabling a live conductor to pass through an earthed wall, etc


(ˈbʊʃ ɪŋ)

1. Elect. a lining for a hole, intended to insulate and protect from abrasion one or more conductors that pass through it.
a. a replaceable thin tube or sleeve, usu. of bronze, mounted in a case or housing as a bearing.
b. a replaceable steel tube used as a guide for various tools or parts.
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Noun1.bushing - an insulating liner in an opening through which conductors pass
dielectric, insulator, nonconductor - a material such as glass or porcelain with negligible electrical or thermal conductivity
2.bushing - a cylindrical metal lining used to reduce friction
lining, liner - a protective covering that protects an inside surface
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In Bowre and Field he sought, where any tuft Of Grove or Garden-Plot more pleasant lay, Thir tendance or Plantation for delight, By Fountain or by shadie Rivulet He sought them both, but wish'd his hap might find EVE separate, he wish'd, but not with hope Of what so seldom chanc'd, when to his wish, Beyond his hope, EVE separate he spies, Veild in a Cloud of Fragrance, where she stood, Half spi'd, so thick the Roses bushing round About her glowd, oft stooping to support Each Flour of slender stalk, whose head though gay Carnation, Purple, Azure, or spect with Gold, Hung drooping unsustaind, them she upstaies Gently with Mirtle band, mindless the while, Her self, though fairest unsupported Flour, From her best prop so farr, and storn so nigh.
Known for over-the-top grips (more on that later), their Grip Screw Bushings are a brilliant solution to the nerve-wracking issue of dealing with classic 1911 grip screw bushings--likely the single most-bunged up bit on a 1911.
The course will be divided into ten sections, including rubber types and compounds; bushing types and how to size; two-part moldings and hydro-bushings; inner and outer metals and adhesion preparation; bushing static rate calculations; finite element analysis; static and dynamic testing; vehicle development; fatigue methods; and miscellaneous topics.
Longer life of 7 to 10 times that of standard steel-backed, bronze-sintered and PTFE overlay bushings, such as the TSA (formerly BK-1W) and DU bushing
In July's column on sprue bushings we discussed how to reduce the mass of plastic where the sprue, runner, and cold well intersect at the parting line.
As we go to press in early August, Lycoming, field shops and owners were struggling to clarify a service bulletin that requires inspection and possible replacement of connecting rod bushings in hundreds of Lycoming engines.
With this many change outs, the grip screws and grip screw bushings can give us trouble.
ABB, a Swiss engineering firm has confirmed a new range of condenser bushings for usage in power transformers in the IEEE market.
To minimize such vibrations, rubber parts are used extensively at mounting points for the cabin, such as engine mountings and suspension bushings.
I have made a lot of these adapter bushings since I have done a lot of special AR projects that featured self-made barrels.
To make the 10/22 barrel fit an AR-15, the barrel will be re-profiled and bushings will be fabricated to adapt the barrel to the AR receiver.
That may help work out your frustrations, but it causes damage to the pin and bushings.