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or bush pig  (bo͝osh′pĭg′)
1. A wild pig (Potamochoerus larvatus) of central and eastern Africa, having a brownish shaggy coat, a light-colored mane, and tufts of hair on the ears.
2. bush pig The red river hog.

[Translation of Afrikaans bosvark : bos, bush + vark, pig.]
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(Animals) a wild pig, Potamochoerus porcus, inhabiting forests in tropical Africa and Madagascar. It is brown or black, with pale markings on the face. Also called: boschvark
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During the course of Quinton de Kock's battling second-innings knock of 83, the South African camp alleged that he was called a "bushpig," and that his mother and sister were brought into the conversation as well.
After several tough days of hunting we finally took a nice bushpig and a monster Livingstone eland.
"One small cow was probably the largest animal used as bait on file trolley, with a large warthog, a bushpig and sundry humans at other times.
"One small cow was probably the largest animal used as bait on the trolley, with a large warthog, a bushpig and sundry humans at other times.
Well, okay, they were technically feral hogs on three continents, but they were wild and free-ranging--I'm not counting the warthog, bushpig, or giant forest hog in Africa.
The prevalence of helminths in some common antelopes, warthogs and a bushpig in the Limpopo province, South Africa.
Explanations of their food preferences or Islamic food prohibitions (e.g., bushpig or warthog) were at times given, rather than talking about the cultural taboos specifically related with their Fulla tradition.
Here too the tendencies among the animals to boast, to mock and to argue are dominant, as among others in the tales "Die kraai se vernedering" ("The humiliation of the Crow"), "Erdvark, Vlakvark, Kwagga en Bosvark" ("Aardvark, Warthog, Quagga and Bushpig") and in "Die geveg tussen lopende en vlieende diere" ("The battle between the walking and flying animals").
In the forest habitats which many species favour, the bushpig (Potamochoerus porcus (L., 1758)) is likely to be a significant predator.
Known from a roughly 40-million-year-old skull and a few ribs, the new species has been named Eotheroides lambondrano, after the Malagasy word for dugong, which translates to "water bushpig."
CardiffCrownCourt heard MrHopkinshad been out with friendsin Cardiffcity centre celebrating the 20thbirthdayof Gareth Burge when he was killed by Gronow under the Brainsbridge in Penarth Road opposite the former BushPig pub.