Business paper

checks, notes, drafts, etc., given in payment of actual indebtedness; - opposed to accommodation paper.

See also: Paper

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The trouble of rummaging among business papers, and of collecting and collating facts from amidst tedious and commonplace details, was spared me by my nephew, Pierre M.
But at last he shuffled them roughly together, and pushed them into a corner of the valise; they were business papers, and he was in no humor for sifting them.
She opened a drawer or two, looked over some business papers, and put them back again.
He told me he was going to look over some business papers till I came."
Others also told the business paper that Tan Sri Syed Azman Syed Ibrahim of Weststar Group, who is also eyeing Malaysia Airlines, has contacted Najah to discuss possibly pooling their resources for a joint takeover.
Tatay Rene joined the San Pedro Express for about two months, just as the weekly business paper shifted to daily.
The company had initially intended to produce the car at its factory in Emden, Germany, but chose Bratislava instead because wage costs are lower in Slovakia than in Germany, German business paper Handelsblatt reported last week.
THE BusinessMirror, the country's leading business paper, made history on Tuesday as it bagged the first Data Champion award given by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA).
A business paper quoted Lee, the thesis author, as saying, "A large number of students study, often 10 hours or more a day, to prepare for public servant exams.
However, it would have been more ideal if the media was given more access to the delegations, meetings, and related documents for a much better coverage, an American journalist from a known business paper in the United States said.
Lithuania has a legal basis for receiving such funding, because the nuclear power plant was shut down as a condition of its EU membership, but there will be much discussion on what form it should take, Vaiciunas said in an interview with the business paper.
From Monday, August 1 - Yorkshire Day - your KBN becomes a 40-page monthly standalone business paper.

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