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Noun1.Buster Keaton - United States comedian and actor in silent films noted for his acrobatic skills and deadpan face (1895-1966)
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The film is Buster Keaton's 1922 comedy "The Electric House,'' in which he plays a botany student who is awarded an electrical engineering degree by mistake.
CHILDREN who have never been able to watch Buster Keaton's films in cinemas can now see the next best thing - three of his films playing in a new exhibition.
The Gala Theatre, in Durham City, is showing Buster Keaton's The General on Wednesday, with a live soundtrack provided by pianist Simon Hanson and percussionist Ric Elsworth.
He reveals that his love affair with silent films began when he was 14, and he went to his local cinema to see The General, Buster Keaton's classic 1927 movie.
James Mason, our local film star, bought Buster Keaton's house.
I went to the local cinema to see The General, Buster Keaton's classic 1927 silent film, which was accompanied by a live piano player.
BUSTER Keaton's classic silent comedy movie The General is to be screened at Wolverhampton next week to raise money for charity.
Her stage persona conjures a mix of postmodern movement sensibility with Carol Burnett's deadpan wit and Buster Keaton's physical humor.