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1. Any of several magpies of the genus Cracticus, native to Australia and New Guinea, that impale their prey on thorns.
2. Any of various unrelated birds of North America, Asia, or Europe that behave similarly, especially the shrikes.
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1. (Animals) a shrike, esp one of the genus Lanius
2. (Animals) any of several Australian magpies of the genus Cracticus that impale their prey on thorns
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(ˈbʊtʃ ərˌbɜrd)

1. any of several Eurasian or North American shrikes of the genus Lanius.
2. any of various large, heavy-billed, highly vocal songbirds of the genus Cracticus, of Australia and New Guinea.
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Noun1.butcherbird - shrikes that impale their prey on thornsbutcherbird - shrikes that impale their prey on thorns
shrike - any of numerous Old World birds having a strong hooked bill that feed on smaller animals
genus Lanius, Lanius - type genus of the Laniidae: typical shrikes
European shrike, Lanius excubitor - a common European butcherbird
Lanius borealis, northern shrike - a butcherbird of northern North America
Lanius ludovicianus excubitorides, white-rumped shrike - a butcherbird of western North America; grey with white underparts
2.butcherbird - large carnivorous Australian bird with the shrike-like habit of impaling prey on thorns
Australian magpie - black-and-white oscine birds that resemble magpies
Cracticus, genus Cracticus - type genus of the Cracticidae: Australian butcherbirds
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And seeing there was nobody left on earth, he wanted to go up to heaven, and the moon gave him such a friendly look, and when in the end he came to the moon, it was a lump of rotten wood, so he went to the sun, and when he came to the sun, it was a withered sunflower, and when he came to the stars, they were tiny golden insects stuck there as though by a butcher-bird on blackthorn, and when he wanted to come back to earth again, the earth was an upturned cook-pot, and he was all alone, so he sat down and cried, and he's sitting there still, all on his own.
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