Buteo buteo

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Noun1.Buteo buteo - the common European short-winged hawkButeo buteo - the common European short-winged hawk
hawk - diurnal bird of prey typically having short rounded wings and a long tail
Buteo, genus Buteo - broad-winged soaring hawks
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For example, raptor abundances such as the common buzzard Buteo buteo decrease with decreasing prey availability and fragmentation (Butet et al.
I will first analyse these in one population of Common Buzzards Buteo buteo, where over 1900 nestlings i.
Biomonitoring with the buzzard Buteo buteo in the Netherlands: heavy metals and sources of variation.
Otro estudio realizado en Buteo buteo reporto diferencia significativa en la acumulacion de metales entre machos y hembras, donde el Cadmio se encontro en mayor concentracion en todos los tejidos analizados de los machos, con excepcion del musculo (4).