Butter tree

(Bot.) a tree of the genus Bassia, the seeds of which yield a substance closely resembling butter. The butter tree of India is the Bassia butyracea; that of Africa is the Shea tree (Bassia Parkii). See Shea tree.

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It started as the wreck of the simple Swiss family who looked up and saw the butter tree, but soon a glorious inspiration of the night turned it into the wreck of David A and Oliver Bailey.
* NaturaBrasil has rolled out new natural ingredient line called Ucuuba, which means "butter tree" in the local South American Tupi language.
I would like to believe it is not too late in the day to re-visit that experiment and make it possible for the people of the north to have regular incomes from the Shea Butter tree.
'One of them is shea butter tree. People use the wood for charcoal and making items like mortar and pestle.
It is therefore sometimes referred to as the Peanut Butter Tree but is also known as Harlequin Glorybower.
One such indigenous fruit tree in northeastern and northwestern Uganda is the shea butter tree. The shea tree (Vitellaria paradoxa) is an indigenous fruit tree with enormous nutritional benefits [4].
Due to the nutritional value and health potential of the shea fruit pulp, growing of shea butter tree and consumption of its nutritious fruits should be promoted in Uganda and beyond.
When Mungo Park was searching for the origins of the River Niger, the shea butter tree was a dominant feature of the Sahelian savannah and played a central role in rural life, just like the oaks, butternuts, walnuts and hickories of the North American savannah.
When asked why they don't plant Shea butter trees and currently, people cut down the trees for firewood, she said 'Because the Shea butter tree is wild, if we plant it, it will germinate to a level and die.
On the incessant cutting down of Shea butter tree, which is threatening the existence of this economic tree, Hajiya Abubakar said efforts were being made to reach the government authorities to assist in stopping the cutting down of these trees, she said sometimes, she go as far as confiscating some of the firewoods made from Shea butter trees.
'We have started confiscating firewoods made from Shea butter trees, some villages don't have enough trees, so they cut down Shea butter trees to use as firewood, but in zone A, there is a particular village that have enough Shea butter trees, a bucket of Shea butter is sold for as low as N6000.
The ucuuba name comes from the Tupi language and means "butter tree."