button man

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button man

A low-ranking member of an organized crime syndicate.

[From a comparison between such a man and a soldier (wearing a uniform with buttons).]

but′ton man`

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Billy Buttons and his younger brother, Clyde, are the only Button men to have survived that war.
Marlowe's world is full of women 'as cute as lace pants', loan sharks, card sharps, button men, pickpockets and crooked businessmen.
And all the consiglieres, all the capos and all the button men will now be part of one big happy family headquartered in New York at the Macy's Home Merchandising Social Club.
In his own WorldNetDaily column posted March 19, Buchanan compared Law to "a Mafia don providing safe houses for one of his button men.
It is widely known, for example, that Mafia button men rarely kill for money, but usually carry out such assassinations as a kind of "gotcha" that keeps other underworld figures on their toes.