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button cell (battery)

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If swallowed, the button cell in the toys can sit in the stomach and react with the acid and quickly cause nasty burns.
The department had previously tackled bizarre cases, like removing beads, a button cell, leech and a chalk piece from nasal cavities.
SmartyKat Boogie Bug has two button cell batteries included, and plastic housing made from recycled plastic.
For more information about VARTA, microbatteries, Lithium manganese dioxide, button cell design, or cylindrical cell design, as well as access to the world's largest available-to-sell inventory, visit www.
Each enclosure can accommodate a CR2032 button cell and can be closed with just one screw.
The Notifier has one button cell for the analog watch and a Li-Po battery for the smart functions.
They include: batteries, except for button cell batteries used in implantable medical devices, switches and relays, some
Reaugh says: 'The button cell batteries were made in Kemetco Research Inc.
Two earplug sizes are included, it uses 1xLR44 button cell battery (3 are included).
The incidence and severity of button cell battery ingestion is on the rise, and not only did we want to bring visibility to what is an invisible threat in many homes but we made a commitment to work toward both technology and packaging solutions that can save lives," director of marketing for U.
paragraph][paragraph][paragraph]) Legislation also is under consideration in Congress to address the potential risk of unintentional ingestion of button cell batteries by requiring that child-resistant battery compartment closures are used on all consumer products using button cell batteries.