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(Placename) an island of Indonesia, southeast of Sulawesi: hilly and forested. Chief town: Baubau. Area: 4555 sq km (1759 sq miles)


(ˈbu tʊŋ)

an island of Indonesia, SE of Sulawesi Island. 100 mi. (161 km) long.
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Some of the earliest states in the Malay Archipelago to convert to Islam were in the east, including Ternate, Gorontalo and Butung (Buton) in the period of the late fifteenth through to the mid-sixteenth centuries.
What the belian tries to do is to present the spirits with offerings so numerous and tempting that they are lured by "the feeling of fullness in their stomachs, the pleasant taste in their mouths" (butung boting, iwei buen), and become satisfied (seneng).
He had two children: a son, Megat Kasim, forefather of inhabitants of Kampung Butung, and a daughter Puteri Johor Manikam, whose descendants lived in Kampung Melayu.