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n.1.(Org. Chem.) A colorless liquid base, C4H9.NH2, of which there are four isomeric varieties.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The stain was then made alkaline at 70 % ethanol with lithium carbonate and butylamine. Specimens were then dehydrated in increasing percentages of ethanol and cleared using cedarwood oil and mounted in Canada Balsam.
It was found that 40 ug ml -1 dibutylamine and tributylamine and 20 ug ml -1 butylamine did not interfer.
However, ORs alone do not appear to be able to account for the breadth of mosquito olfactory sensitivity as several potentially important human-derived odors such as ammonia, butylamine and lactic acid, have consistently failed to activate mosquito ORs.
To adapt their sensor to detect volatile amines, such as the irritant butylamine, they included a charged molecule that increased sensitivity to those amines by a factor of 1,000.
acid, tertiary butylamine, acrylonitrile, styrene, sodium cyanide and
The mobile phase consisted of a methanol-deionized water mixture (70:30 by volume) containing 0.110 mL/L butylamine. The mobile phase was filtered through a 0.22 [micro]m filter and degassed before use.
BASF will expand the production capacity of its existing world-scale production plant for tertiary Butylamine (tBA) at the Nanjing Chemical Industry Park in China.
They studied three types of composites: (a) fiuorinated SWCNT (F-SWCNT); (b) F-SWCNT grafted with butylamine (BAM-SWCNT); (c) unfunctionalized SWCNT (u-SWCNT).
A series of capping ligands (tributylamine, oleic acid, pyridine, stearic acid, and butylamine) [63, 93] have been tested in a study of their effects on the morphology and J-V characteristics of a P3HT:CdSe HPV device.