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 (bo͝ok′stə-ho͞o′də), Dietrich 1637-1707.
Danish-born German organist and composer. His concerts attracted a wide audience, including Handel and Bach.


(German bʊkstəˈhuːdə)
(Biography) Dietrich (ˈdiːtrɪç). 1637–1707, Danish composer and organist, resident in Germany from 1668, who influenced Bach and Handel


(ˌbʊk stəˈhu də)

Dietrich, 1637–1707, Danish organist and composer, in Germany after 1668.
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Bach, Dieterich Buxtehude, Heinrich Scheidemann and music from Mexico and Brazil.
Cappella Novocastriensis, under conductor Simon Lee, will perform works by Buxtehude, Pachelbel and Rosenmuller on March 7.
His first concert will celebrate the 150th anniversaries of two British organist composers with links to Yorkshire, Alfred Hollins and Edwin Lemare, alongside music from Bach, Sowerby and Buxtehude.
Lot 1 Route 5320 Nuremberg - Treuchtlingen;Lot 2 route 5100 Mnchberg - Stammbach;Lot 3 track 1720 Neugraben - Buxtehude.
The painting was discovered after it was put up for sale in a little-known auction in November in Buxtehude, Germany, near Hamburg.
In Brinkburn Priory this Sunday, July 10, Iestyn will be joined by Ensemble Guadagni for performances of the first and second Leons de Tnbres for Holy Week by Couperin, based on the lamentations of Jeremiah, and Jubilate Domino, a Baroque cantata by the 17th Century Danish composer Buxtehude.
8 La bocca del lupo (The Mouth of the Wolf) (Pietro Marcello) Barely eluding pretension, Marcello's portrait of a great love, between a petty Genovese criminal and his transsexual cell mate, updates Pasolini's Accattone, contaminating, to use the Italian master's term, documentary with manufacture, verismo with poetry, brutality with Buxtehude.
While some may think that organ music is all Bach and Buxtehude, this collection of famous orchestral marches takes us into the world of theater organ with all its "bells and whistles.
Harpist Robin Ward: Music from 17th century to present day including works by Trabaci, Froberger, Buxtehude, Parry, and Glinka: St John the Baptist Church, Fleet Street, Coventry city centre, 7:30pm.
International award-winning Czech organist Pavel Kohout will perform works by Buxtehude, Bohm, Bach and old Czech masters in a free concert at 3 p.
The disc features works by five German composers: Dietrich Buxtehude, Johann Christoph Bach (1642-1703, J.
In which artistic area was Dietrich Buxtehude noted?