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 (bo͝ok′stə-ho͞o′də), Dietrich 1637-1707.
Danish-born German organist and composer. His concerts attracted a wide audience, including Handel and Bach.


(German bʊkstəˈhuːdə)
(Biography) Dietrich (ˈdiːtrɪç). 1637–1707, Danish composer and organist, resident in Germany from 1668, who influenced Bach and Handel


(ˌbʊk stəˈhu də)

Dietrich, 1637–1707, Danish organist and composer, in Germany after 1668.
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In the days after his disappearance, several people came forward to report sightings of a man fitting Liam's description in Buxtehude, which is about an hour by train from where Liam was seen.
The search focused on Hamburg, where the missing Scot was last seen, and the town of Buxtehude 20 miles away, where possible sightings have been reported.
Contract notice: Development planning development area gieselbertstrae in 21614 buxtehude - services acc.
0844 338 5000 Organ Recital Nigel Morris plays works by Buxtehude, Andriessen, Rheinberger, Pierne and more in a free, 40-minute recital on one of the finest organs in Birmingham.
IN MERSEY | In the Mersey today, Caribbean Princess, a cruise vessel coming from Ireland; Buxtehude, a container vessel coming from and returning to Portugal; Christina, a cargo vessel carrying urea from Latvia; and Thea II, a cargo vessel.
The Nova literaria Maris Balthici contains a great deal of information on daily university life and musical life in Lubeck around 1700 (regularly you find information on Buxtehude there that does not appear referenced in the printed index).
Peter Mohr of Elbe-Klinikum Buxtehude, Germany, and his colleagues (J Clin.
His first concert will celebrate the 150th anniversaries of two British organist composers with links to Yorkshire, Alfred Hollins and Edwin Lemare, alongside music from Bach, Sowerby and Buxtehude.
Cappella Novocastriensis, under conductor Simon Lee, will perform works by Buxtehude, Pachelbel and Rosenmuller on March 7.
Bach, Dieterich Buxtehude, Heinrich Scheidemann and music from Mexico and Brazil.
The disc features works by five German composers: Dietrich Buxtehude, Johann Christoph Bach (1642-1703, J.