buyers market

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buy′ers' mar`ket

a market in which goods and services are plentiful and prices relatively low. Compare sellers' market.
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According to the report, the market is fully a buyers' market with seven out of the nine nodes being a buyers market and only two being developers market
According to dealers, the open market is now a 'buyers market', with 80 per cent dealers only buying dealers.
Three out of four economists surveyedsaid the national housing market would not shift to a buyers market until 2020 or later.
Despite a slight raise in mortgage interest rates, Home Loans For All says that it is still a buyers market in the national housing sector.
According to the report, prospective first time buyers and their parents have different perceptions of the first-time buyers market with only 12% of parents believing its is "virtually impossible to obtain a mortgage", but this increases to 21% of prospective first time buyers.