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or buzz kill  (bŭz′kĭl′)
n. Slang
A negative person, event, attribute, or thing that causes another's mood or spirit to become depressed or dampened: The rain was a buzzkill, so we all left the beach.

[buzz, pleasant intoxication + kill.]


(ˈbʌzˌkɪl) or


slang someone or something that stops people from enjoying themselves
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But adding up the cost of that fancy cafe salad, coffees, transportation and child care can seem like a buzzkill.
It also isn't meant to be a buzzkill, but aims to 'further drive awareness of just how pervasive sexual misconduct in film and television is and to help make ethical media consumption easier.
Artifacts of the old American temperance movement--a good idea for 10% of the population but a burdensome buzzkill for the rest--remain with us to this day, as anyone who has tried to buy a bottle of Pinot Grigio in a supermarket at 11 a.
It's a real buzzkill to return from a run, from a top-up of early morning rays and catch a breath and glance at headlines only to learn more about the names of more benignly-named hurricanes, to shake our heads at the report of the chubby dictator playing ring-a-ring-of-missiles, scaring the daylights out of the Japanese.
Some of the programs that the colleges are pursuing are nationally known projects, choices or resources like AlcoholEDU and Operation Buzzkill.
They're not trying to be a buzzkill, they're simply trying to protect your investment
High Tea at Al Bustan Palace The post lunch-hour traffic can be a bit of a buzzkill on Oman's otherwise sedate landscapes, but the Muscat Expressway ensured we made short work of the journey to Wadi Kabir and towards old Muscat, home to a hotel that is (nearly) as old and renowned as the Al Alam Palace in the heart of the city.
Unless you own a seaplane, the buzzkill after earning the seaplane rating comes when you try to rent one, or at least it was for me.
Here, in a culture of consumption in extremis, Phillipson brought the buzzkill.
I can sum up my reaction to that advice in one word: Buzzkill.
The above two factors are issues largely carried over from past negotiating rounds, but the overwhelming buzzkill at Cop22 was undoubtedly Donald Trump's election triumph in the US.