By deputation

by delegated authority; as substitute; through the medium of a deputy.

See also: Deputation

References in classic literature ?
The danger of delay obliges the consenting provinces to furnish their quotas, without waiting for the others; and then to obtain reimbursement from the others, by deputations, which are frequent, or otherwise, as they can.
It may be mentioned here that in 2011 there were no any blockage of promotion of Petitioner was seen, after hold charges by Deputation officers they blockage the promotion of Petitioner and mentally torcher created as he was on top list of promotion in BPS-19, since file the petition in Sindh High Court the Petitioner was transfer here to there and some 14 times transfer orders of the Petitioner were issued which was another violation of the Hon'able Sindh High Court.
To allow Telecommunications Consultants India Limited (TCIL) to fill up such number of posts by deputation of Group 'A' officers of the Department of Telecommunications(DoT) and other Ministries, with Telecommunication and Information Technology background, for the intervening period i.