By the board

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over the board, or side.
- Dryden.

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The rigging was found to be ill-fitted, and greatly strained; and on the third day of the blow, about five in the afternoon, our mizzen-mast, in a heavy lurch to windward, went by the board.
Well, I have loved, lived with, and left the sea without ever seeing a ship's tall fabric of sticks, cobwebs and gossamer go by the board.
Fettered immovably so as to remove all possibility of danger, they are placed in the class rooms of our Infant Schools, and there they are utilized by the Board of Education for the purpose of imparting to the offspring of the Middle Classes that tact and intelligence of which these wretched creatures themselves are utterly devoid.
For purposes of this action, the conditions and commitments are deemed to be conditions imposed in writing by the Board in connection with its findings and decision herein and, as such, may be enforced in proceedings under applicable law.
Referring to Article IV, Section 2 of the NAACP Constitution, which stated "The Vice President shall perform such functions and exercise such duties as may be voted by the Board of Directors," Bolin requested that Wilkins send her a copy of the minutes of the meeting when the Board would have determined the functions and duties of Vice-Presidents of the Association.
Such member, if membership is revoked, may appeal for reconsideration of the decision by the Board.
Abdallah Farrukh and a $50,000 check made payable to the firm by the board has irritated Fox.
Several policy-related administrative letters (ALs) required updating to reflect recent policy changes enacted by the board.
On further appeal, the Court of Appeals reversed the Appellate Division, stating that "local zoning boards have broad discretion in considering applications for variances, and judicial review is limited to determining whether the action taken by the board was illegal, arbitrary or an abuse of discretion (citation omitted.
We are carefully scrutinizing the curriculum passed by the board and watching how local districts implement the guidelines.
The exchange was "an acknowledgement by the board of the importance to the company of its employees and the importance to the employees of stock options.
The NRA Board's Executive Committee is comprised of seven members including the President, President-Elect, Immediate Past-President, Treasurer and three members of the Board who are appointed by the President and confirmed by the Board.