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As part of the effort to establish the C-3 Phase III of the project, Peter Boyko, chair of the Academy's Life Capital Working Group, described elements of the project to members of the Life Risk-based Capital working group.
and chair of the Annuity Reserve Working Group of the American Academy of Actuaries, earlier this year drafted a follow-up survey for the academy on the initial industrywide launch of C-3 Phase II among life insurers selling variable annuities.
C-3 Phase II mirrors the NAIC's previously developed capital requirements applicable to fixed annuities, or C-3 Phase I, which addressed interest rate risks in fixed annuities and single-premium life products.
The ratings on the class C-1, C-2, C-3, and D notes address the likelihood that investors will receive ultimate payment of interest and ultimate payment of principal by the stated maturity date.
The 'F1+' short-term rating assigned to the 2005 series C-3 bonds reflects the availability of a standby bond purchase agreement provided by DEPFA bank, plc.
The ratings of the classes C-1, C-2, and C-3 notes address the likelihood that investors will receive ultimate interest and deferred interest payments, as per the governing documents, as well as the aggregate outstanding amount of principal by the stated maturity date.
Each of the 24 transponders is supported by at least one 20 watt SSPA, delivering almost a 20% increase in power over their predecessors, Satcom C-3 and Satcom C-4.
Currently, collateral contributing to class C-2 and class C-3 consists of 3 floating rate mortgage loans totaling approximately $23.
We are extremely pleased that GE Americom has selected Lockheed Martin to provide three more A2100 communications satellites to replace the Lockheed Martin-built Satcom C-3 and Satcom C-4 satellites," said Ted Gavrilis, president, Lockheed Martin Commercial Space Systems.
6 million class C-3 multiclass pass-through REMIC certificates, are upgraded to 'A' from 'BB+' and to 'BBB' from 'B', respectively, by Fitch.
24, 1999--PMA Show--American Ink Jet today unveiled its new C-3 quality assurance program, a comprehensive strategy for advancing its technology, products, and business practices to deliver superior solutions to the rapidly growing Ink Jet printing marketplace.