C-reactive protein

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C-re·ac·tive protein

A globulin that appears in the blood in certain acute inflammatory conditions, such as rheumatic fever, bacterial infections, and neoplastic diseases.

[C-(polysaccharide) reactive.]

C-re•ac•tive protein

(ˈsi riˌæk tɪv)
a globulin that increases in concentration in the bloodstream during infectious states and other abnormal conditions. Abbr.: CRP
[1955–60; for C-polysaccharide, which is precipitated by this protein]
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Noun1.C-reactive protein - a byproduct of inflammation; a globulin that is found in the blood in some cases of acute inflammation
serum globulin - globulins occurring in blood serum and containing most of the antibodies of the blood
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To reduce the amount of computation, RPs are divided into two categories, namely C-RP (calculated RP) and E-RP (estimated RP).
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